YouTube Stories will lead to more content creators

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YouTube Stories will lead to more content creators – YouTube Story introduced late last year, giving them the opportunity to make a small group. Their opinions varied. One function of this fun, others had doubts. Even Filip DeFranco, with 1.2 million subscribers to YouTube, stated his opinion about their functions.

The story in the video Edition different from the ones known from other web sites. They look for a week, instead of just 24 hours. They can be seen well by customer channels and by persons not customers. They will appear in the sidebar’s “Next “, showing related content that can be rotated when the video while being watched. Viewers can respond and comment on the story, and the content creators can reply to these messages.

The difference is also an idea of their existence. In principle, they are meant not only to display YouTube content creators lives, but to show to the viewers, for example, the background of the creation of the material.

Now, YouTube Stories will become more common. Being able to use this feature, You just need to have 10,000 subscriptions in YouTube channel (channel we meet this provision). So this is in some ways linked to the issue of partnership in service.

Source: Engadget

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