SparkyLinux 2019.11 in four different versions available for download

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SparkyLinux 2019.11 in four different versions available for download – It is impossible to write about all the news in the Linux world, but we try to keep you up to date with the latest news. The new version has just enjoyed the SparkyLinux operating system in its release release Variant. The SparkyLinux 2019.11 Edition brings some interesting news.

SparkyLinux 2019.11 mainly adds all the latest security updates from the Debian GNU/Linux repository 11  “Bullseye “, which was released until November 2 this year. OS users will also receive a 5.2.17 version of the Linux kernel and the new Calamares installer 3.2.16.

The developer of SparkyLinux decided to add a inactive Debian Sid (unstable) software repository but could be enabled by the user for some reason wanting to do so. In addition, the unstable SparkyLinux repository now contains the latest Linux 5.3.8 and Linux 5.4 RC5 kernels.

What’s more the Submenu-generators have been superseded by the sparky-Submenu in an Openbox SparkyLinux edition due to the removal of dependency libgtk2-Perl and Perl upgraded to version 5.30. The Yad 5.0, a Zenity fork, is now available from an unstable repository.

You can choose from four free versions of SparkyLinux 2019.11-SparkyLinux 2019.11 Xfce, SparkyLinux 2019.11 LXQt, SparkyLinux 2019.11 GUI (Openbox) and SparkyLinux 2019.11 CLI.

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