New features Google Maps will help you traveling abroad

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New features Google Maps will help you traveling abroad – Google Maps is a useful app when traveling-especially to foreign countries or cities. Moving around unexplored areas is not everything. What if, besides the place, we do not know the language, and even alphabets? The application comes with functions that are also useful in such situations.

The service will immediately receive partial integration with Google Translate. The map will immediately understand and say for example the object name in the local language. Thanks to this, even asking the Japanese tip about a particular place would be much easier.

Source: Android Police

This function will be applied to the information card about the selected place. The speaker icon will appear next to its name. After clicking on it, a selection window will be displayed, where we will be able to choose how to precisely read, for example the object address.

You’ll also see a direct link to Google Translate. This procedure can be useful if you keep talking. When will we get these functions? According to Google, it will soon. Initially, the update will offer support for 50 languages.

Source: Android Police

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