Instagram will alter the appearance of the user’s profile

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Instagram announced that they have a plan for rebuilding the user’s profile. The new system was tested in multiple profiles and based on user feedback, they will be increased more and more.

The changes apply to the top of the profile. Icons, buttons and navigation methods found there to be changed. A smaller role will now be played by number (the number of followers), and more emphasis will be placed on the user. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 or 250,000 followers. Now the information about you will be more prominent. An example of a change that you can look at the services provided by a discharge:

As you can see, the message button and follow the hit and placed next to each other and to see a list of followers, and so on, enter the tab Follow. In addition to the grid and list posts, we can also see IGTV card. In the case of a business account, we can attach a card Store next to it, and to keys such as calling or ordering.

Instagram explained that the changes will work and will test the configuration of the different steps will be made available to users in the coming weeks. It’s also promising to rely heavily on your feedback, so if you’re in the ranks of the laboratory rat and, for example, you don’t want Your IGTV card appear on your profile, don’t be afraid to tell the author about it.

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