Chrome 78 has a critical bug. We know how to fix it

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Chrome 78 has a critical bug. We know how to fix it – A few days ago the new Chrome 78 browser was released. Unfortunately, in addition to some positive changes, there are also some problems. One is not common, but prevents you from using the tool, even after uninstalling it. It’s about the message¬† “Ouch, Snap! ” ( “ouch; Snap! “) connected to the page does not load. We know the remedy for this situation.

The Bug is most likely associated with the antivirus software and Google knows about it. We had to wait for the patch, but if you have a problem with Chrome, along with the developer, we will suggest two temporary solutions.

First, make sure you’re not using the deprecated Symantec Endpoint Protection package. You must upgrade to version 14.2 or higher. The reason Chrome failures can also be Windows Defender already installed on all Windows 10 computers-Here The problem is solved simply by disabling the anti-virus software, which of course we do not recommend.

Or, you can temporarily disable the RendererCodeIntegrityEnabled function in Chromesiapa that is involved in the issue. The goal is to prevent unsigned modules from loading in the renderer process. To disable it, right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut, and then in the “Shortcuts” tab in the “Target Field” section, add it at the end of the command:–disable-features = RendererCodeIntegrity and apply the changes.

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