8K Association has set the standard for 8K TV

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8K Association has set the standard for 8K TV – The 8K Association (8KA), an inter-branch group that works to develop the 8K ecosystem, has developed a specification that must be met by TV 8K. This is the latest and highest standard of TV production and a set of parameters required to create and distribute content with resolutions exceeding 33 million pixels.

The presented 8K TV specifications include recommended performance levels for high pitch ranges (HDR) and color parameters and interface requirements. A series of tests are also being prepared, which will standardize the testing process of their devices and certifications. Television produced by association members will be able to be created logo stating that the product meets or exceeds the requirements of the newly developed technical standards.

The newly released technical specifications include guidelines for 8K input parameters (bit depth, frame rate, subsampling chrominance), display performance (resolution, peak brightness, black level, color palette, white dots) as well as media interfaces and formats ( High-pitch range-HDR, codecs).


  • Resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels
  • Input frame rate: 24, 30 and 60
  • Display luminance: More than 600 nits luminance tops
  • Codec: HEVC
  • Interface: HDMI 2.1
  • Performance Specifications and additional interfaces (available to members)

Currently, the 8K (8KA) Association has 16 members and their number is still increasing. Membership in the association represents the world’s leading position in consumer electronics, display production, component technology delivery, as well as content and distribution. The 8KA board consists of AUO, Hisense, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, TCL and recently accepted members-Samsung Display, Tencent and Xperi. The new main members are Novatek and V-Silicon, the new association members are Innolux, Chile and Louis Pictures, while the new supporting members are Intel, ATEME and AstroDesign.

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