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Techarticles.Me – Windows Firewall Control is a software to manage the firewalls built in to Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. The application does not interfere during operation because it hides behind the system. This is the software that is required for you who want to make some changes to the firewall system.

After installing this program, we can easily make changes in the context menu, reconfigure various options, and set new security levels and individual firewall rules. With this application, we will get quick access to all the functions that have firewall system.

In this program we can assign four levels of security namely high level, intermediate level, low level and none. The security level feature, if we set a low level, then we have access to all connections except those added to the blocked list. However, when the average level is set, the firewall is blocking the connection and you need to create an exception to be able to use the service from the installed application. When set to a high level, all incoming and outgoing connections are blocked, and we are not informed about blocking access to other applications and services.

Changes in

Improved: The logic of disabling unauthorized rules was changed to update the rule description instead of the rule name to avoid repeated rule creation as a result of different rule name.

Fixed: The programs executed from Tools tab can be used for privilege escalation. For standard user accounts, these tools will prompt the UAC dialog so that only administrators can launch them with full privileges.

Fixed: Creating new rules for files with empty file description creates new rules with an empty starting space. These rules can’t be modified from WFwAS.

Fixed: Icon from profile switch notification is not the correct one

Windows Firewall Control Latest Version

Title : Windows Firewall Control

License : Freeware

Developer : BiniSoft

Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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