Medals for Olympics 2020 in Tokyo will be created from the former electronics

Posted on – The fact that the medals for Olympics 2020 in Tokyo can be made from second-hand electronic goods is already pronounced in 2016, but since then the media is not too noisy about this action. Only a few important information has now been delivered, which clearly shows that the Olympic Committee would like to achieve the purpose of recycling.

Board committees claimed that they received great support from the public, many of Japan’s film and a large group of athletes turned out thanks to the publicity campaign, about tons of electronic waste have 47,488 gathered in the capital of Japan.  “Trash ” it includes about five million unused phones and other electronic goods that can be inhabited by residents in places specially marked, e.g. at the post office or the Office.

Most of the targets set have been reached in June last year, when told about gaining 2 700 kg Bronze. In October, on the other hand, received information that about 6% of the 15% silver and gold have been extracted-the organizers say that the material is not enough to recover.

However, based on the number of devices that are not recycled, there is no doubt that the plan will be implemented. Waste collection program will expire on March 31, and the Olympic and Paralympic medals will be opened this summer.

Source : The Verge

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