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Techarticles.Me – McAfee GetSusp is a software to remove malware on windows.

McAfee GetSusp uses McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) technology to collect malware information stored in databases.

This app is very effective at eliminating various malware threats on windows.

McAfee GetSusp Features:

  • Available as a single executable file (32bit and 64bit) with no installation required
  • Option to run in different modes – GUI, command line and in ePO
  • Allows submission of samples (in GUI mode) or only a MD5 list of the files (in CLI mode) to McAfee Labs
  • Checks each file against McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to determine if the sample is clean or suspicious
  • Records system and installed McAfee product information like date of execution, environment variables, and details of suspected files

Title : McAfee GetSusp
License : Freeware
Developer : McAfee, Inc.
Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

McAfee GetSusp Free x86
McAfee GetSusp Free x64

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