WiFi is slower than the mobile internet in more than 30 countries

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WiFi is slower than the mobile internet in more than 30 countries – This research was conducted by OpenSignal, specializing in the observation of the mobile network. Daylight viewing the latest report from this organization prove that in many countries, in terms of lost WiFi connection speed with the 4G / LTE cellular standards.

I remember very well when you accidentally (or unknowingly) enter your internet browser on your mobile phone, which then leads to costs that are not too fun. Now the Internet moves no longer surprising. In many countries, even such network speed faster than WiFi standard.

The list of countries it includes areas like Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Greece and even the Czech Republic. However, the biggest difference in the speed of the network exists in Australia – using mobile internet you can reach speeds of up to 13 Mb/sec.

Mobile Internet is apparently slower about 6 Mb/s, on average in each country. The reason for the victory of a WiFi broadband Internet is widely available, which is not the worst.

The situation presented in the diagram can be changed radically with the emergence of the standard 5G approaching with great strides. This controversial technology is awaited by many people and criticized by others. In fact, however, that it will soon be implemented, which of course will cause a stir.

Source: OpenSignal

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