Scrolling will be wasted? Instagram was testing the controversial changes

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Techarticles.Me – Each social networking site has updates like that, after that the user stated that  ” it’s not the same “. This popular statement may soon be commonly used by people using Instagram, because the creator of this platform was testing something rather strange.

Until now, the post has been rolling Instagram  “normally “, i.e. vertically, and it would be hard to imagine that this situation will change. However it turns out, the new photos in the popular platform will be scrollable only horizontally – like the story Insta. These changes have appeared on thousands of users around the world.

Instagram was testing Scrolling

The network became very hot and so the Council was forced to issue an official statement Instagram about the whole incident. It turns out that the test function of the title, Yes, do, but whether the novelty will be introduced has not been confirmed.

Company representatives have reportedly announced the test version changes too early, and corrected the error by restoring the traditional view of the Council. However, this does not mean that Instagram would not have decided to introduce a horizontal scrolling permanently. After a wave of criticism that is so great, surely will not happen too soon, but who knows?

Source: Twitter / TheVerge

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