Lasso a Clone of the TikTok Application created by Facebook

Posted on – Facebook has implemented some new features  “sound “. There is a special section in your profile, where you can check the specific music what are you listen to or can easily attach a specific section to the profile friends, it will automatically turn on the people who will go.

In addition, Facebook is also enriched in Lip Sync Live, which is a special live broadcast, where after selecting the song you can move your mouth to the rhythm of the word that is displayed in text form.

Company Facebook recently gave rise to new things this could be a good idea for business and may be strong enough to compete with the TikTok. Here’s how Facebook clones appeared, Lasso made by TikTok program is now very popular.

The mentioned applications will be based on a license that was purchased by a company with a wide range of labels or the respective artists and will allow to record clips longer than on a bidding competition (15 seconds at TikTok).

We don’t yet know exactly how the program will be seen and when it will appear, but it is difficult to understand why Facebook is heading into a certain direction. We know that employees rely on a huge profit and attracts many young, but I think it is not necessary at all-not in this form at all. Source: TheVerge

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