Google will shut down application in the year 2020

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Google will shut down application in the year 2020 – Google Hangouts introduced in 2013 as a replacement for Gchata. This, however, did not succeed, and in the last few years with loss of functionality application update or receive SMS.

This change is part of the approach to the new Google Hangouts will now be secure messaging for the work, in the form of Chat the G Suite, as well as a platform for video conference Meet. For the user, however, would stop Hangouts are available in the year 2020.

Google Announces  ” resignation for application messages themselves ” in April when it announced the new RCS Chat function in Android Messages. The chat is not yet officially launched, because it depends on the network operator but report a message about support for RCS will appear at the beginning of 2019 are very in tune with the closing date Hangouts in the year 2020.

So if someone uses Hangouts in Gmail, or use it for any other purpose, must slowly familiarize and find a different way to communicate.

Source: 9to5Google

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