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FastCopy 3.86 Latest – FastCopy is a piece of software that is used to quickly copy data to our computer’s hard drive. The app also allows you to delete the selected files.

FastCopy gives you the opportunity to accelerate the copying process, by excluding certain files, or by activating the function NonStop (the copying will continue despite errors occurring). In addition, FastCopy gives you the ability to specify the copying speed and buffer size.

FastCopy 3.86 changelog:

  • Add Reproduce hardlink option in the Copy/Move options of the settings dialog.
  • Add option of using MB/s instead of MiB/s (For example, if you want to match a CrystalDiskMark, use MB/s)
  • Fixes the 1113 error when specifying a file name that cannot be represented by MBCS in FAT-FS.(FindFirstFileExW API Problem)

Title : FastCopy 3.86
License : Freeware
Developer : IPMSG
Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

FastCopy Installer | 1.7 MB
FastCopy Portable x86 | 700 Kb
FastCopy Portable x64 | 700 Kb

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