This is it Android Oreo for LG V30

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This is it Android Oreo for LG V30 – Today, users will be able to download the V30 LG version of Android the newest Oreo.

LG Android release delay Model V30 Oreo garnered much negative votes from users of the word. However, the company intends to improve its image in terms of update-just announced today that LG users V30 will be able to download the latest version of Android.

It also must be noted that will be enriched in V30 features a camera any time soon based on artificial intelligence-AI Cam QLens and Bright Mode, which have recently been introduced with the model of LG Thinq V30S.

AI Cam help you take better pictures by recommending optimal thematic mode among the eight available on your Smartphone. QLens using artificial intelligence to recognize images, so using a camera you can easily shop online and search for images. Bright Mode allows you to create pictures twice as bright with no visible noise to produce outstanding quality photos taken in low light. Smartphone LG G6 will also be enriched with most of the fixes mentioned with a software update that will come.

Not only is the V30
In addition, the update will also be available to middle-class smartphones, such as LG and LG K11 Q6.

The manufacturer ensures that the latest software will increase the comfort of use and, among other things, would allow the use of a new camera functions. As part of the update, portrait mode will be added to allow selfie take photos with blurry background (bokeh effect).

Q6 model from LG and LG K11 also will be enhanced with Direct Flash Shot feature, which takes a picture every three seconds (up to 20 images), and then automatically combine images into a GIF file, which can be easily sent to friends. What’s more, a convenient timer will be available to give signal countdown lights camera.

We hope that LG will fulfill its promises and problems will also be prioritized in the model of other smartphones.

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