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Techarticles.Me – GameSave Manager is a software to protect your computer against system or hard disk failures.

GameSave Manager is very easy to use and also has rich functionality and a wide game base. Once you have installed it, it will automatically start the scanning process of all installed games and will create a new database containing the list of items along with all its content.

The app will display the game name and its full location along with the settings and files with the saved game status.

GameSave Manager also works with the Steam platform. Thanks to this software, you can protect all the games installed by copying them to another partition on the hard disk. In addition, all copies of the data created can be synchronized with applications that operate in the form of cloud (Sky Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox).

Title : GameSave Manager 3.1.476.0
License : Freeware
Developer : InsaneMatt
Requirements :Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

GameSave Manager

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