Captain Marvel will be Disney first exclusive movie

Posted on – The launch of Disney streaming service is slowly approaching. So, Netfliks fans must say goodbye to the adventures of the heroes of Marvel’s favorite. The last production about superheroes that would reach service is the Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Osa. All production made later will only be heading to Disney-Disney streaming service +.

And the first title that will be present is the production of Captain Marvel.

During conversations with Wall Street analysts, Disney’s financial Director, Christine McCarthy, said the decision to stop the movies and programs from other streaming services can cost the company approximately $150 million due to the loss of the cost the license. The company’s CEO, Robert Iger, explains, however, that this is the desired entertainment titan losses to invest in its future.

So Disney + be the investment really profitable, it must have something to offer in this regard, it is best if there is a new movie. And even better, if you can not see it anywhere else.

This entertainment industry giants have yet to have a date set for the launch of its services, however, are planning to provide more information, as well as demo platforms already on April 11.

Source : Deadline

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