MI A1 with upgrades to Android 8.0 Oreo

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In early September Xiaomi China surprise everyone by presenting the device affordable, Mi A1 (twin of Mi 5 x specifications). It’s not going to be a very important event not because of device and not overlay device belongs to the software including MIUI promoted by Google, namely Android One.

The Android platform One requires that manufacturers comply with certain hardware specifications and prohibits installation of bloatware, that is unwanted software that slows down the whole system. The basic premise of Android One therefore to ensure device based it quickly and runs smoothly and will be regular menerimaupdate.

Xiaomi has promised that Android users to 8.0 Mi A1 will be released by the end of 2018. I keep a kata-kataku in that tape.

Updates are now available on the OTA channels so you should receive a notice on the user’s device. This software is marked with number 7.12.29, and packages weighing more than 1 GB. Users can download the package directly from Fastboot recovery or website Xiaomi.

MI A1 is a reasonable choice at this price
Admittedly, the appearance of the update is another powerful argument for buying equipment from Xiaomi. Moreover, in order for the phone can be bought with a very reasonable price.

In store iBuygou Xiaomi Mi A1 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB mass storage (black), currently cost about 794.5 PLN. To buy a mobile phone with this price you must enter the discount code redmiA1ibg when shopping, reduced special price be 226.99 USD (about 794.5 PLN).

This is a very good offer, considering we’re talking about a smartphone with a 2 year warranty (implemented by the Mi Center in Wrocław), which will be shipped directly from the warehouse in Europe so you will not be charged an additional celono-tax. It should be noted that the smartphone supports LTE B20 bands, which can provide better coverage especially in areas less built-up.

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