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Slimjet is a Web browser that has the operating speed and privacy protection of users.

Slimjet offers automatic ability to block all pop-up advertisements on websites. In addition, it can prevent user identity trackers. Slimjet can load a variety of websites very quickly, and protects against phishing and malware.


Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 104)

  • Make side panel button a customizable button on the toolbar.
  • Make side panel resizable and able to be located on either side.

Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 104)

  • Enabled reading list feature.

Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 104)

  • Fix bug with endless redirection issue with some http sites

Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 104)

  • Fix bug with google meeting screen sharing

Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 104)

  • Fix bug with youtube video download when not signed in

Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 104)

  • Search image with Google Lens (Right click on an image and select it from popup menu)