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Rainmeter 4.5.15 is a utility software for improving the appearance on desktop distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 license.

Rainmeter displays special panels and gadgets with calendars, weather forecasts, clocks, and RSS news feeds on the desktop. In addition, you can also view information about the operating system, active processes, RAM consumption and free disk space, and notebook battery level.

Rainmeter comes with a few simple starter skins, but the biggest part of the community are skins which you install onto your system.


Changes in Rainmeter 4.5

  • WifiStatus: Corrected an issue with a missing .dll Windows file that could cause crashing on Windows Server systems.
  • Measures: In debug mode, display a warning log message when the MinValue and MaxValue are the same or if MaxValue is less than MinValue.
  • Histogram / Line meters: Corrected some issues with MinValue/MaxValue being properly applied to the meters.
  • SysInfo: Added “SysInfoType=OS_PRODUCT_NAME”. This retrieves “ProductName” from the registry from “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion”. Note that this entry is currently incorrect in all versions of Windows 11, and Rainmeter will correct for this and return the proper value.
  • Platform detection: The “Version” value that is used for the About/Version dialog and the log has been changed to show the non-numerical “DisplayVersion” over the “ReleaseId” from the registry. (for instance: 21H2 rather than 2009). Also, added detection of “Windows Server 2022”.
  • Languages: Updated localization strings for Finnish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian.