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Free Download Manager is open-source software distributed under a GPL license. The application is can download file in internet.

Free Download Manager has a unique ability to continue downloading files when your internet connection is disconnected. The program has an interface that is very easy to use.


Changes in Free Download Manager

  • UI zoom settings.
  • Remote access: improved stability.
  • HTTP downloads: improved speed and stability.
  • Improved HLS downloads support.
  • “Enable standalone create new downloads windows” option.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Fixed: downloads priorities mechanism was broken.
  • Fixed: bug working in a multi-monitor configuration.
  • Fixed: FDM was resetting downloads sort mode at startup in case user-sort mode was enabled.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Windows: “Failed to create OpenGL context” error message at startup on some configurations.
  • Fixed: Windows: bug working with UNC paths.
  • Fixed: Linux: clicking on the other apps’ notifications could bring FDM to foreground.
  • For developers: add-ons: console.log output goes to the log file now.