5 Android Apps That can not Miss this Week

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5 Android Apps That can not Miss this Week – We invite you to the next part of the series of compilations of games and new and exciting applications for Android. This week we present an interesting project that is related to your favorite application.

shelter an interesting open source project using a sensor installed on Smartphones to monitor and protect the selected space. This application can detect movement, vibration, sound and light. For each meter, we can specify sensitivity levels individually.

Haven store history events. If the application detects a movement, for example, a photo will be taken automatically. All the information is stored directly on the device, but can also be accessed remotely (using encrypted connections).

SpotOn tool for music fans to use Spotify service. This allows you to set an alarm that will play songs stored in our playlist. We can arrange both music that will wake us up in the morning and set the list slowly which will help you relax and fall asleep.

For the correct operation, the application requires a Premium Spotify service is purchased.

UC Browser Mini for Android Go
UC Browser Mini lightweight web Browser that was created for a simple device with a small amount of memory. This will be very useful for owners of smartphones or not very efficient. This application takes a lot of space and allows browsing the network quickly and easily.

The added advantage is a function of data storage and built-in download manager.

Geometry Dash SubZero
Geometry Dash SubZero another version of the popular arcade game platform. The control comes down to hit the screen at the right moment to avoid obstacles. However, the increasing levels of difficulty makes it a little skillful to achieve good results.

Dunk Hoop
Dunk Hoop A simple arcade to basketball fans. Instead of throwing, we control its circles. We can play games for free or try one of the dozens of challenges to us. Difficulty levels continue to rise.

This is all our weekly proposals. If you know the news about where we should write-make sure let me know in the comments!

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