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Techarticles.Me – Maxthon Browser is a browser designed for all computer users. In addition to the usual browser functions, Maxthon Browser also provides features to improve comfort when browsing.

Maxthon is built on the basis of the Internet Explorer engine, the new version of Maxthon Browser has many capabilities and stability and a new approach to access many functions to make this browser more competitive.

Maxthon uses MSA super maxthon smart acceleration. the principle works almost the same as opera turbo but the way it works is different.

Maxthon Browser supports the Trident rendering engine and the WebKit render engine. The app is available for Windows, iOS (iPhone) and Android as a Maxthon Mobile platform.

Features Maxthon Browser:

  • Split screen option
  • Interface Documents tab
  • Saves open tabs in case of program shutdown or system crashes
  • Undo for any tabs that accidentally close
  • AD Hunter – ad-blocking utility for blocking pop-ups, web banners and sticky ads on Web pages
  • Adobe Flash, Java applets and ActiveX blockers
  • Support for custom Skins
  • Customizable tabs and interfaces
  • Programmable mouse movements and chording
  • External utility bar – a toolbar that allows you to open third-party programs
  • RSS reader
  • Supports Internet Explorer plugins and own plugins
  • Partial Gecko engine support by using third-party programs
  • An extensible user search toolbar with 8 different search engines.
  • Automatic updates
  • Ability to bookmark and open multiple pages simultaneously
  • URL alias – The URL opens by simply typing a word in the address bar
  • Simple collector – a notepad utility used to collect text from web pages. Scripts and macros can be run in the current web page
  • Integrated web service – extensible users, including by default translator, cached versions of Google pages, Whois, and anonymous web proxy

Maxthon Latest

Title : Maxthon

License : Freeware

Developer : Maxthon International Limited

Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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